Zion Lutheran Church, ELCA Worcester Campus of Grace Ministries Building upon Our First Century of Witness
Zion Lutheran Church, ELCA Worcester Campus of Grace Ministries Building upon Our First Century of Witness 


  1. Early 1950’s > Single man: Austrian of Lutheran, Christian faith. Helped with apartment sponsorship and orientation to culture plus finding employment. Agency: Lutheran Resettlement
  2. 2008 > Single man and his roommate: Iraqis of the Mandaean faith.  Helped for 8 months and with initial apartment setup.  Agency: Refugee Immigration Management/Lutheran Social Services
  3. 2009 > Mom and dad with 5 kids: Bhutanese coming through the refugee camps of Nepal of Hindu faith.  Helped for 8 months and with initial apartment setup. Agency: Lutheran Social Services
  4. 2011 > Mom with 2 kids: Congolese of the Christian faith. Helped with initial apartment setup. Agency: Lutheran Social Services
  5. 2011 > Mom with 3 kids, 1 severely disabled: Congolese of the Christian faith. Helped with apartment set-up and ongoing assistance. Agency: Lutheran Social Services
  6. 2013> Mom and dad with 2 high school kids and one high school graduate: Iraqis of Mandaean faith. They first escaped into Syria before coming to Worcester. Helped for 6 months and with initial apartment setup. Agency: Lutheran Social Services
  7. 2014 > Mom and dad with 2 elementary aged kids: Iraqis of Islamic faith. Helped with initial setup of apartment. Agency: Lutheran Social Services
  8. 2015 > Mom and dad with 1 high school freshman, 1 middle schooler, 1 kindergartner and a pre-schooler: Iraqis of Islamic faith. Helped with initial setup of apartment, hosted them as guests at a meet/greet meal at the church with ongoing assistance in various ways. Agency: Ascentria
  9. 2016 > Zion and Bethel shared co-sponsorship: Mom and three kids of Isalmic faith. Helped with apartment set-up, providing internet, LIPY-CM youth group purchased a laptop/printer set-up and software, ongoing clothing and apartment needs items provided. One member is about to engage private ESL work with the mom as of January 2017.  Agency: Ascentria

Assistance through 8 months has included:

  1. Rides to and from medical services, laundry mats, shopping.
  2. Ongoing donations towards household items/cleaning materials/food and clothes. 
  3. English language assistance.

Agencies can help out thru the 6 month point providing:

  1. Application for green cards, Social Security, etc.
  2. ESL (English Second Language) training,
  3. employment sourcing,
  4. interface with landlords, medical agencies, etc.
  5. monetary assistance: However, agencies receive a limited allotment of financial capacity each year that must be leveraged over their entire resettlement group subject also to particular disbursement between individuals or family units.

Co-Sponsorship gives people an extra fighting chance in making it in a new-land and culture! What items/volunteer time are donated reduce the draw on the agency allotted funding so that it can go further on their behalf with local/federal government work, medical assistance, personal services work.

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